Essays 2017/2018

Cultural essays from Helen Donlon, Kris Needs and guests

Issue two: Autumn/Winter 2017/8


Shadows Across the Moon: Enhanced extract (Nico edit)

Maggot Brain, Eddie Hazel and the tragic story of Tawl Ross – Funkadelic’s Syd Barrett

Coleridge: The Predictive Muse and the Albatross of Failure

The Ibiza Cut 2: Interview with Martin Glover aka Youth

The Directors Cut 2: Underground Resistance

Angela Carter’s The Bloody Chamber: Love, Terror and Emancipation

The Ibiza Cut 1: Interviews with Hipgnosis from 2010

Nico in London: Rare 1978 interview

Books of the Year – part two (KN)

Books of the Year – part one (HD)

The Directors Cut 1: Carter Tutti Void, October 2015

Dream Baby Dream, Suicide: A New York Story – an extract

Samuel Purchas, and his Glorious Collection of 17th Century Travel Tales

The Albion Essay: An Arcadian, Literary Childhood in Tilty


Issue one: Spring/Summer 2017

The Psychedelic Renaissance by Dr Ben Sessa (Muswell Hill Press) – book review

The Albion Essay: Highwaymen and other ‘great’ Essex outlaws 

Doll by Doll: Endgame (part two)

Shadows Across the Moon – book extract

A conversation with Martin Rev

Rachel Cusk’s Outline and Transit

When Fantasy Becomes Reality: The Astonishing Early Works of Nik Cohn

Tav Falco’s Iconography of Chance

Doll By Doll: Endgame (part one)

Postcard from Moscow, 1986

A Christmas Tale: Down and Out in New York City, 1988

The Passion of Pierre Clémenti, European Cinema’s Christ-Devil Child

A lost interview with Walter Becker

Interview with The Last Poets
Professional Reader


Header image: Gloaming from deserted rocks, Ibiza. Photo by Helen Donlon.